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TSC 10.11.1968 parietal hours.png
Results of student votes to establish parietal hours or create open dorms on campus.

TSC 11.8.1968 dorm hours.pdf
Students discuss abolishing dorm hours for women on campus.

TSC 10.4.1968 Parietal Hours.pdf
After the Board of Trustees approved parietal hours , students will now vote to establish their own parietal hours based on a vote.

TSC 2.15.1972 _Open Dorms I Disagree_.pdf
Two articles in The Santa Clara newspaper illustrating the current debate surrounding parietal hours and whether or not dorms should be open.

TSC 11.19.1971 Students Discuss Parietal Hours w: Trustees.png
As students push for open dorms, trustees are hesitant to approve this proposal, as discussed in this article from The Santa Clara newspaper. Concern for decrease of donor support is at steak if twenty four hour parietal hours are implemented.

TSC 2.11.1972 UCC Okays Dorm Experiment.png
The University Community Council (UCC) approves the proposal for the abolition of parietal hours that would make dorms open twenty four hours. The proposal will next go to President Terry for approval.

TSC 1.12.1984 %22The Way We Were%22.png
An article in The Santa Clara newspaper marking fourteen years since coed dorms were established at Santa Clara. Now, all dorms are coed on campus.
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