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An interview with Kathleen Bui, one of the first coed students and alumni.

WSP Faculty Eval 1992.pdf
A faculty evaluation for the Women's Studies Program. The professor evaluating the program notes the lack of an official Women's Studies office contributes to the lack of support on campus of the program.

WSP Info 1982.pdf
A letter regarding the Women's Studies Program history and goals.

Ben Swin to Fr Terry re parietal hours.jpg
Benjamin Swig writes to Fr. Terry regarding the student request to address parietal hours. Swig believes the current parietal hours provide students with plenty of liberty, despite their complaints.

Catala Lectures Fall Semester Series.jpg
1938 Catala Club fall lecture series program.

Dunne Dorm Council to Fr Terry re parietal hours.jpg
The Dunne Dorm Council writes a letter to Fr. Terry regarding the problem of parietal hours and requests his response on the issue. The issue has not yet been solved at this time.

Catala Club speech about the successes of Santa Clara University, as well as about the Catala Club's namesake, Father Catala.

Sympathy with the Sisters.jpg
Letter explaining that Father Hauck went to his superiors and they would not allow the nuns to study as undergraduate students.

Master's, not Bacch; 24 _special students_.jpg
Letter explaining that Santa Clara University accepts students into some masters programs but not bachelors.

Coeducational - Jesuit Institutions.jpg
Father Hauck's research recording what programs at various Jesuit institutions were coed at the time.
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