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"Co-eds Sit Left Senate Says"
Newspaper article from The Santa Clara.

Poem written for the first Mothers' Day event at Santa Clara University.

The Feminist in the Classroom Discussion 1992.jpg
A flyer for a discussion about feminism in the classroom sponsored by the Women's Studies program at SCU.

spring fiesta cover.jpg
Program for the 1943 annual spring fiesta.

Campus Map 1976.jpg

TSC 2.13.1964 %22End of Transition%22.png
An article describing that the all classes will now be coeducational, marking the fourth year of coeds on campus.

Santa Clara University Adobe Lodge Provides Setting for Annual Yule Fete of Faculty Wives.jpg
Newspaper article about the 1949 annual Yule Fete Christmas Party put on by the Faculty Wives Club.

Ben Swin to Fr Terry re parietal hours.jpg
Benjamin Swig writes to Fr. Terry regarding the student request to address parietal hours. Swig believes the current parietal hours provide students with plenty of liberty, despite their complaints.

TSC 10.5.1971 %22Bike Supporters%22.png
A photo in The Santa Clara newspaper showing how female students make use of the male spaces in Swig Hall now that Swig is a coed dorm.

This article describes the process of the policy change and describes the scene after the birth control pills were made readily available for co-eds.
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